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About GMDR

Generalized Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (GMDR) is a nonparametric and genetic model-free alternative to linear or logistic regression for detecting and characterizing nonlinear interactions among discrete genetic and environmental attributes. Compared with the MDR method (Moore 2004; Ritchie et al. 2001), the GMDR method (Lou et al. 2007) permits adjustment for discrete and quantitative covariates and is applicable to both dichotomous and continuous phenotypes in different population-based study designs. GMDR will increase the precision accuracy and help users draw a more meaningful conclusion.

The GMDR software package was derived from the original MDR software. Our GMDR was designed and developed in an effort to produce an open source tool that would not only allow researchers to use the tool in their research but also provide the flexibility to utilize internal programming resources to extend the tool itself by adding their own GUI or combine it with other methods that they may wish to explore.

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