QTLBIM (QTL Bayesian Interval Mapping)
an R package for QTL Mapping using Bayesian Inference

Dr. Yi was awarded with the NIH grant R01GM069430 to facilitate addition of new methodological features and support development of QtlBim package. For further details please visit http://projectreporter.nih.gov/project_info_description.cfm?aid=7777232&icde=4114746.


Qtlbim version 1.9.4 was released on CRAN today. The package can be downloaded from the CRAN mirrors or our website.


Qtlbim version 1.7.7 was released on CRAN today. The package can be downloaded from the CRAN mirrors or our website.


Qtlbim version 1.7.6 was released on CRAN today. This includes several fixes and a switch to a new qb object format. The package can be downloaded from the CRAN mirrors or our website.


Daniel Shriner and Nengjun Yi have co-authored a paper that derives the deviance information criteria for multiple interacting QTL models. The paper has been accepted into Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (doi:10.1016/j.csda.2008.01.016) and the methods will be available in an upcoming version of qtlbim.


Graduate student Samprit Banerjee presented his work on Seemingly Unrelated Regression for multiple traits at the 2007 JSM conference in Utah. His talk was titled "Bayesian SUR Modeling of Multiple Ordinal Traits for Genome-Wide Epistatic QTL Mapping" and presented results from an extension to the qtlbim package that he is working on. An abstract of the talk can be found here.


Dr. Daniel Shriner presented a talk at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Complex Trait Consortium at Braunschweig, Germany (program schedule pdf). The talk was titled "Bayes Error Control for Multiple QTL Mapping".


Dr. Nengjun Yi has been awarded the 2007 UAB School of Public Health's "Distinguished Faculty Investigator Award". He was formally recognized at an award ceremony at the Alys Stephens center today.


Graduate student Samprit Banerjee from the qtlbim dev team presented his work on QTL mapping for multiple traits at the ENAR 2007 conference at Atlanta, GA. His talk was titled "Modeling of Multiple Traits for Genome-wide Epistatic QTL Mapping".


"R/qtlbim: QTL with Bayesian Interval Mapping in Experimental Crosses" (abstract), has been published in Bioinformatics.


Version 1.6.5 of the package is available on CRAN. The package now refelects the new URL for the software homepage: http://www.qtlbim.org


Touched up yesterday's release with a minor change.


R/qtlbim 1.6.3 is on CRAN.


1.6.2 has been hosted on CRAN today. Minor, incremental fixes have been added.


1.6.2 is out today. Minor issues have been addressed.


R/qtlbim 1.6.0 has been released on CRAN today. This release involves a fix that addresses issues experienced on the Mac OS X platform. The package has currently been tested on Windows, Linux and Mac OS and builds and runs without issues. The release numbering system has also been changed. >> 2006-Sep -11 Build 6 of version 1.05 has been uploaded on CRAN today.


A new build (1.05-4) is available on CRAN and includes some minor fixes.


R/qtlbim 1.05-3 has been released on CRAN today. This marks the first public release of the software in an R package format. Downloads are possible from any of the CRAN mirrors. More information about the package can also be obtained from the vignettes and documentation.